Keep up with your financial modelling skills using real life real estate investment deals

In this programme, you will learn how to model different investment options from office to retail to residential properties using real life case studies

Welcome to the Cambridge Finance Mastermind Club

The Cambridge Finance® Mastermind Club is an online community designed for real estate professionals who use financial models regularly or in their line of work and want to improve on their financial modelling skills

The basic principle of the Mastermind Club is that real estate financial modelling is a complex topic and we need to keep practicing it. This course is based on our fortnightly meet ups with Cambridge Finance members to structure our models and revise our formulas.

These meet up sessions are 60-minute long and led by our expert real estate financial modeller, Maria Wiedner and our expert financial modelling partners. It is the perfect opportunity for you to train and build your network simultaneously!

Do not miss this unique opportunity to keep up to date with your training and make new industry contacts.

What our students had to say...

"After attending Maria's week-long course last September, I had the chance to be enrolled to her semimonthly Mastermind sessions thereafter. It was a great way to keep practicing and seeing people from the course again. The combination of the course and the mastermind sessions have allowed me to enrich my Real Estate knowledge and network over a continuous period of time. I can also proudly say it has helped me get my new job, as financial modelling has become a key component of the required skillset. I highly recommend both course and sessions!"


Meet Your Instructor

Maria’s passion for real estate finance and particularly financial modelling is built on specialist roles in the highly quantitative fields of property derivatives, renewable energy and listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) analysis, a career path complemented by an academic grounding in real estate finance from University of Cambridge and a professional qualification as a CFA Charterholder and Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

With global consulting and leadership experience, Maria is an internationally recognised authority, speaker and thought-leader on the organisational benefits of best practice financial modelling and diversity in real estate.

Maria is the CEO and principal trainer of Cambridge Finance, which she founded with the aim to bring top-quality real estate finance education to the property industry.